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40 years of experience and leadership

From Nature to the Plate. From Portugal to the World

We are a sustainable and value-added agrifood platform. We create and transform agri-food products into international brands for retail and restaurants in today’s world. We implement sales and marketing strategies in high potential markets. We share our know-how to enhance national agri-food.

Largest free range cattle breeder

With more than 40 years of experience in the agricultural sector, the Monte do Pasto Group leads cattle breeding nationwide, guaranteeing a high level of service, innovation and quality.

Located in Baixo Alentejo, in the municipalities of Alvito, Cuba and Ferreira do Alentejo, Monte do Pasto is part of one of the largest continuous agricultural areas in Portugal, benefiting from its great agricultural potential for the integrated activity of calf rearing, rearing of steers, rearing and rearing of sheep, large-scale animal feed production and premium and sustainable meat production (LINK).

Focus on quality | Focus on Animal Welfare | Focus on protecting nature and biodiversity | Focus on Customer and Community Service

Promote the best national agri-food in the largest world markets

With an international vocation and more than 95% of its business volume in exports, capitalizing on internal know-how and, on the opportunity to access fast-growing Asian countries, it is developing a new business area that aims to bring the best Portuguese agro-food products to new markets, with the Autentico Foods range (LINK) .

We are committed to an efficient and sustainable management model supported by modern technologies, a qualified team and guided by the best management practices (Link) animal welfare (link) and nature protection (link). A solution that generates high levels of quality, productivity and know-how, allowing us to offer our Partners and Customers products and services of excellence, from Prado or from Sea to Prato.

Innovation that creates value

The growth of the Monte do Pasto Group is based on a business model that makes innovation a strategic pillar of value creation for the company, people and planet.

Through partnerships with the best Universities and specialized consultants, a series of projects are currently underway that aim to reinforce the quality of our meat – True Born and Autentico Beef, with the aim of:

  • value its economic return (ETHICAL MEAT (link to Inovação-Ethical Meat) and FUTURE BEEF),
  • minimize the environmental impact through efficiency gains in animal feed conversion and circular farming practices (RECRIA DECARBONIZATION),
  • promote new consumption practices that combat food waste, such as the option for frozen meat and Mediterranean cuisine recipes and “nose to tail” (TRENDY KITCHEN).

Ethics, Sustainability and Community


Transparent Processes and Continuous Improvement

Monte do Pasto Lda., a company of the Monte do Pasto Group, completed the certification process under the NP ISO 9001:2015 standard, an international reference for the Certification of Quality Management Systems.

By obtaining this certification, the implementation of a principle of process transparency and continuous improvement was guaranteed to guarantee the satisfaction and expectations of its customers and business partners, as well as to improve the overall performance of its organization and of all those involved. in the same.

Inclusion and Diversity

The Monte do Pasto Group was distinguished as a COMPANY THAT PROMOTES WAGE EQUALITY BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN 2022 for its good practices in promoting Equal Remuneration between Women and Men for work of equal or equal value.

Adherence to Codes of Conduct that promote best practices

The Code of Good Commercial Practices in the Agri-Food Chain, which is voluntary and free of charge, defines a set of principles and procedures that serve to self-regulate the food chain with a view to reinforcing transparency between the sectors of production, processing and distribution of agri-food products.

An initiative with the initial adhesion of more than 50 companies, including Monte do Pasto and whose Governance Group responsible for management is composed of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED); by the Confederation of Farmers of Portugal (CAP); by the Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal (CCP); by the Business Confederation of Portugal (CIP – representing CENTROMARCA and FIPA); by the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA) and by the National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives and Agricultural Credit of Portugal (Confagri).


The Monte do Pasto Group has been developing a sustained strategy focused on increasing positive impacts on the environment and minimizing negative environmental impacts based on new processes proposed by the methodologies of agro-environmental and animal welfare certifications (LINK) and in innovation projects (Link to Innovation) that reinvent models of animal husbandry and sustainable meat production.


The Monte do Pasto Group supports events, educational projects and social projects that promote professional and social development and the well-being of local communities.

At Ovibeja, the largest agro-food fair in the Alentejo region, we have been organizing an annual Conference (link) that brings together the best national experts to discuss the most current topics in the sector.

In our Animal Innovation and Welfare Park we regularly receive institutional guests, business partners and university students with whom we share the innovative methodologies that we are developing within the scope of the Ethical Meat Project – Integrated System for Sustainable Meat Production, developed in partnership with the Universities of Évora and Minho and co-financed by Compete 2020.

Qualified Talent and Attraction and Development

Local Talent

The Monte do Pasto Group currently has around 65 Employees, 60% of whom have higher education and maintains an active human resources policy that promotes the recruitment and development of local talent.

Our team comprises specialists in all areas of Cattle Breeding, including specialists in Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine, who ensure the integration of the best management practices into their production processes and the implementation of strict animal welfare rules, and a specialist in environmental sustainability. It also has a group of experienced employees who support national and international Partners and Customers, guaranteeing an excellent service for the purchase and sale of cattle.

The Monte do Pasto Academy provides multidisciplinary practical training accessible to all Employees.

Combating the population exodus caused by the lack of resources to settle people in these rural areas is another of Monte do Pasto’s concerns. In recent years, dynamic measures have been launched that make the Group an example to follow at local and regional level. The Group is a strategic partner of the IEFP (Employment and Vocational Training Institute). Over the years, partnerships were also developed with Professional Schools, Polytechnics and Universities that ensure the creation of jobs and the establishment of new families in the municipalities where it operates.

A CESL Asia group company

Founded in Macau in 1987, CESL Asia is a leading business group in the areas of Facility Management and Operations Management, Engineering and Architecture and Renewable Energies. The group intends to develop a Portugal-Macau platform with Monte do Pasto that will boost existing production, allow the launch of new sustainable agricultural and livestock activities and contribute significantly to the development of the entire Alentejo region and the Portuguese economy. CESL Asia also intends to take advantage of the opportunities to be created by the Macau platform for social and economic cooperation between China, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries.


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