Founded in 1986, Monte do Pasto Group has more than 40 years of experience and leadership in free-range cattle farming.

Over the years, it has integrated other activities, such as animal feed production and meat production and distribution, accumulating knowledge and experience throughout the value chain, which ensures relevant competitive advantages in the sector and a unique ability to guarantee a high level of quality in its products and in the service it provides to its Partners and Customers.

Since 2015, the increase in recreation parks, technological investment, innovation and the focus on exports began a new cycle of strong expansion and growth.

In 2019, Monte do Pasto was acquired by the CESL Asia group. This acquisition allowed the creation of a Portugal-Macau platform to enhance the internationalization of agri-food production. In 2021 the company launched the True Born meat brand, positioning it for international premium retail. In 2023 it was time to launch the Autentico Foods range, with the aim of bringing the best of national cuisine to high potential markets, namely in Asia.

Beginning of bovine breeding and meat production
Launch of the industrial unit for the production of animal feed
Reinforcement of exports and technological investment
Beginning of the internationalization process with the opening of Monte do Pasto Spain
Acquisition of Monte do Pasto by CESL Asia Group


Herdade do Trolho

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