Monte do Pasto implemented a production system based on policies that promote the reduction of environmental pressure with respect to erosion, maintenance and improvement of soil structure through a program of usage of pastures in rotation, thus ensuring a permanent presence of vegetal cover.

The whole area of activity of the company is located in a disadvantaged area, which makes it essential to increase biodiversity through the use of areas for reforestation with pine and cork oak. The maintenance of the existing natural fauna is also a concern of our company, which invests in natural preservation, namely placing feeders for partridges and maintaining areas to shelter hunting species.

The balanced adjustment of the number of lactating cows makes livestock activity a factor that improves the plantation ecosystem and the pastures. Natural fertilization does not cause soil pressure, nor an excessive addition of nitrites and nitrates as opposed to fertilizer based on chemical fertilizers.

Also, for the production of cattle feed we follow agricultural practices guided by principles of sustainability, as for example the direct sowing of the corn. This process consists of the instalation of a particular crop on the inert residues of the previous crop without any kind of primary mobilization or preparation of the seed bed.

The non-mobilization of soil considerably reduces the use of machinery, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels and consequently the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

With these responsible farming practices, soil conditions are improved by erosion control and increased organic matter content under Mediterranean conditions, which are essential for increasing land productivity and efficient use of factors.





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