The core activity of Monte do Pasto is cattle breeding, which develops in the thousands of hectares of Alentejo lowlands where their farmsteads are inserted.

We are guided by rigorous principles of quality, animal welfare and protection of nature and we are focused on improving the qualification, experience and dedication of our Employees and on the best management practices for cattle breeding. We believe that only through a ensuring sustainability, innovation, attention to genetics and the most adequate diet can we succeed in our mission.

Our animals are rigorously selected and created following strict animal welfare protocols and through a natural diet and high nutritional quality that ensures their development and growth in ideal conditions.

Through this commitment to excellence in three complementary areas – Calf Breeding, Cattle Rearing and Feed Production – we offer the best products and services to our Partners and Clients, protect nature and actively contribute to the development of the local economy and community .


Calves Breeding

The breeding of calves is a fundamental activity for the maintenance of the herd in conditions of high quality and strict control of the genetic stock. Today over 1600 head of cattle freely graze the pastures on our farms.

We implemented a set of good practices that ensure the high and consistent quality of our cattle and greater productivity and yield:

  • The breeding of calves is carried out according to an integrated and conventional production process, based on an engineered ecosystem (protected agro-silvo-pastoral systems);
  • The number of cows per hectare is calculated in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and to ensure sustainability;
  • The time of birth is concentrated in the period between autumn and winter, allowing the use of spring pastures at the time of weaning;
  • In calf rearing only purebred breeding males are used;
  • Monte do Pasto is self sufficient in terms of animal feed.


Rearing of Steers

For the rearing of steers, we acquire animals from external farms in all similar to ours, with which we develop partnerships. We have capacity for 12000 heads of cattle simultaneously.

A set of good practices ensures the growth and development of animals in ideal conditions:

  • Good adaptation to the environment allows animals to develop to their full genetic potential;
  • Better food, sanitation and management conditions provide greater animal welfare.


Animal Feed

Feeding is one of the most relevant parameters and a success factor in cattle breeding and rearing. The natural pasture is the base of the feeding of the bovines that we breed. We also produce complementary food based on high quality cereals, necessary for the animals to grow and develop in the physiological conditions throughout the year.

We have developed a solid experience in identifying and selecting the raw materials that best suit the various stages of cattle breeding. We have learned about the nutritional needs of each breed, which allows us to guarantee a safe diet that optimizes the growth, development and healthy reproduction of the animals.

A strictly designed and controlled diet allows:

  • Improved reproductive efficiency and healthier offspring;
  • More sustainable growth, using less resources;
  • Improved animal health and welfare;
  • Better quality.



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