Cattle Feed

Cattle Feed

To allow food to go along with the breeding cycle of the animals, we developed a diet that adapts to each stage of growth, based on specific formulas, also taking into consideration the sex and health status of the animals.

In the Industrial Unit of Animal Feed the following formulas are produced:




With high protein content, for animals that are still with lactating mothers



Richer in fiber for animals that are consuming concentrated food for the first time


Protein and energy balanced that allows the animal to express all its genetic potential, favouring the quality of the meat

The rations are constituted mainly by cereals. Corn is the most widely used ingredient, followed by barley, constituting the main source of energy in animal feed. Bagasse is used as the source of protein, more specifically soya bagasse and sunflower bagasse. Fibrous foods such as the treated straw and the soybean hull are also attached to this set.

Because they favor animal health and good performance, these formulas allow us to raise high-yielding animals, high nutritional quality and meat with the best visual characteristics, of texture and flavour.




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