Rearing of Steers

Rearing of Steers

At Monte do Pasto, more than 20,000 cattle are reared annually, benefiting from the best natural, health and food conditions that result in proper development and promote their well-being.



The vast majority of exported animals are crossed from the Limousine breed (60% to 65%), followed by the crossing of the Charolais breed (25% to 30%) and the crossing of the Angus breed (10% to 15%). Angus breed tends to increase because it is a newly introduced breed and has already proved to be of great quality. These crosses offer, at the ideal pasture and riding conditions, a meat of excellence that should be part of any balanced diet.


Healthy and Efficient Animal Feed

During the rearing season, due to the growth phase that the animals are going through, their diet is composed of high nutritional value cereals (corn, soybean, barley, rapeseed, sunflower). The food is produced by Monte do Pasto and the quality and specificity of the diet allows the animals to develop in the best sanitary and nutritional conditions.


Sanitary control and conscious use of antibiotics

We follow a strict sanitary protocol with a significant investment in prevention and vaccines, which leads the animals to acquire a competent immune system, reducing the need for the use of antibiotics.
The animals for rearing at Monte do Pasto are submitted, upon arrival at farms, to a therapy that is adapted to the origin, health status and climatic conditions, using antibiotics only if it’s strictly necessary. The deworming therapy is performed per individual and in a meticulous way based on tests that allow to determinate, at each moment, which parasites are active.




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