Monte do Pasto in the Press

Monte do Pasto bets on agriculture for export

In Alentejo they continue to invest in farming, an example of which is the relaunch of Monte do Pasto, the largest company in the sector in Portugal and one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, and with a strong exporting vocation, around 80% of production. The project, which is 100% national, consists of three business areas: beef cross-breeding, intensive beef cattle fattening, feed production. Due to its international dimension, and taking into account the strong competition, the company guarantees “the superior quality by the way of national origin and the strong control of parameters and application of advanced technology of the sector”.

Clara Moura Guedes, managing director of Monte do Pasto, explained to Dinheiro Vivo the reason for the bet in the agricultural sector in Portugal, at a time when there are so many complaints from producers of cattle, difficulties in selling and low prices. “Monte do Pasto has a strong export expertise and about 90% of its production is exported. The prices practiced in Portugal are currently unviable for the long-term sustainability of a quality operation and complying with strict control criteria. ” And she continues, “in Portugal we are witnessing an absolute price prevalence over any other factor which, given the characteristics of our production, is oriented towards external markets that value this quality, registering a very strong demand for this type of product”.

The managing director of Monte do Pasto, stresses that they expect “that the Portuguese market will begin to evolve towards quality, where there is a huge latitude and not just price, and at the consumer level we are witnessing a strong movement in catering with very different offers in restaurants specialized in meat. Unfortunately we see almost exclusively imported meat in these situations, but we are working to sensitize the national operators to the interest in offering beef of great quality and differentiation, created and produced in Portugal, more specifically in Alentejo. ” “The national consumer already values this offer in catering, and we believe that this trend of national and international consumption may be echoed by distribution operators.”

The beginning of the production of Monte do Pasto, happened in 1981, in Beja. Over the years the production was changed, with the integration of new companies and the alienation of others. In 2015 the main shareholder restructuring took place, with the sale of SAPJU CARNES. And the beginning of the investment recovery and re-launch SAPJU AGRO. Clara Moura Guedes, states that “shareholder restructuring and subsequent investment in the group’s modernization, re-launch and expansion have enabled it to gain a unique dimension in Portugal, a key competitive advantage to compete in other markets.” Stressing that the “strategic orientation based on the quality, efficiency and strict control of the whole process, based on the state of the art of the sector and the experience of large operations, especially outside Europe, has become Monte do Pasto extremely competitive market groupinternational and already with a very interesting portfolio of orders and clients, mainly abroad. Like Spain, North Africa and the Middle East. ” The restructuring involved an investment of more than 10 million euros and the biggest challenge was to change the culture of a traditional group, “with a very troubled history, operating in an extremely problematic sector, where the competitive and business practices are not always transparent “He says. Thus the challenge “was to relaunch, in this context, not always easy, a modern group, managed professionally, using the know-how and expertise of the best that is done in the world and with a totally open and transparent attitude, valuing cooperation. The changes of mentality and paradigm are always the biggest challenge “, emphasizes the delegate administrator.

The results after a little more than a year “are extremely encouraging, with an increase of more than 300% of turnover, with a very interesting expectation of profitability, already started in 2015, totally reversing a negative cycle of several years” . Last year Monte do Pasto earned seven 7 million euros, and for this year forecasts are more than 25 million euros. The company currently employs 40 people. Monte do Pasto is a comprehensive and integrated operation since it covers three business areas: – Intensive production of outdoor bovine animals with a capacity of up to 30,000 animals per year; -Extensive production of grazing calves; – Industrial unit of production of rations. “This integration allows us, in addition to size, to be an essential aspect in the export business, to operate with extreme efficiency and to guarantee the homogeneity and profitability of the whole business”, says Clara Moura Guedes, adding that the location in the Alentejo ” region of optimal characteristics for this production either by natural conditions or by the origin of some raw materials and suppliers of animals for intensive production. ”

Virginia Alves in Live Money, March 23, 2016