Monte do Pasto firms partnership with Innoliva for 1000 ha of sustainable agriculture

Monte do Pasto has just signed a partnership agreement with Innoliva to develop a sustainable regional agricultural project for olive and nuts, part of which should consist of organic / biological culture.

The agricultural project to be developed should mobilize investments of 15 million euros and will be a factor of sustainable economic and social dynamism in the Cuba / Alvito region, with a strong social impact both in job creation and in the generation of regional added value.

The investments to be made by Innoliva and Cibus Investment Fund, should create productive capacities that, due to their size, environmental characteristics, technology involved and certified quality, contribute to the international affirmation of the Alentejo countryside as an exporter of premium products.

The export vocation of this agricultural project will reinforce the commercial potential of other Alentejo productions, namely enabling the creation of a brand with certification of origin allowing the improvement of margins for producers in Alentejo.

In this strategy to revalue the Alentejo origin as a guarantee of quality and sustainability, and consequent repositioning of value for the final consumer, Monte do Pasto is launching True Born, a premium brand of beef, in Macau later this year and subsequently in Hong Kong.

The partnership between Monte do Pasto, Innoliva and Cibus Investment Fund is part of the strategy to enhance the resources of Monte do Pasto and the regional capacities, within Focus Platform, an initiative of CESL Asia that aims to create new commercial opportunities for Portuguese agricultural products in attractive Asian markets.

The agreement now signed supports the mix of financial capacities and technical know-how, combining strategic resources namely land, experience, commercial organization and access to relevant markets.