Monte do Pasto Internationally Certified for the Promotion of Animal Welfare

Monte do Pasto has received the highest certification of the Better Life Label (3 stars), awarded by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). This certificate recognizes good practice in extensive production mode with regard to animal welfare and good production practice.

The 3 stars certificate is the highest category of SPA’s Beter Life seal of quality and is awarded only to organic farming systems with significant animal welfare preservation systems.

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has developed this award to support animal friendly products, informing consumers about the provenance of the end product and the quality of life of the animals that gave rise to them. For this type of information the packages have 3 types of seal:

1 star – For ordinary farmers who already meet some animal welfare requirements such as growing slower, more spacious hogs and high-calf calves to prevent anemia.

2 stars – It means that animals have access to the outdoors but there are still some animal welfare points that need to be improved.

3 stars – Awarded to agriculture / livestock systems with a significant level of animal welfare.

The Better Life Seal is awarded exclusively to products that meet all production requirements and comply with European animal welfare law. Conditions for certification that Monte do Pasto met effectively.

For Clara Moura Guedes, «Monte do Pasto has done an excellent job of respecting animal life, ensuring its welfare and sanity through strict policies. We promote production in a sustainable environment, free so that our cattle can grow strong and healthy.»”, she said.

Monte do Pasto intends to maintain this commitment to welfare and to continue to look for innovative ways to make all animals healthy.

In addition to recognizing Monte do Pasto’s efforts so far to provide a good quality of life for over 20,000 head of cattle, the Better Life Seal is a boarding pass that will open the doors of the Belgian and Dutch markets.