Monte do Pasto receives Ambassador of China

Following the presentation of CESL Asia Group’s Focus Platform, Monte do Pasto was visited by Ambassador of China, Cai Run, and the Embassy’s Economic and Social Adviser, Xu Weili, who wanted to hear about the activities of the leading Iberian company in outdoor cattle farming.

Monte do Pasto was recently acquired by CESL Asia Group and plays an important role in CESL Asia Group’s Focus Platform, a future operational base for food and green energy business between Portugal, Macau, China and PALOP.

During the visit, the Chinese ambassador had the opportunity to get in touch with the process of raising cattle outdoors and was presented with the sustainability and welfare practices that make Monte do Pasto a reference in the sector.

Cai Run was able to see the landscape and environmental value of the farms visited and can observe the animals directly in a natural environment, typical of the Alentejo “montado” area.

For Monte do Pasto President Clara Moura Guedes, “By integrating CESL Asia group, Monte do Pasto is able to explore new expansion opportunities and reinforce its bet in obtaining   international recognition in order to boost existing productions, launch new sustainable agricultural and livestock activities and enhance the entire Alentejo region and the Portuguese economy”.

Monte do Pasto comprises 3,700 Ha of agricultural land, primarily used as a free-range cattle pasture, but which can be developed and enhanced through additional agricultural activities, taking advantage of the region’s natural conditions and access to Alqueva water.