Animal Feed

Animal Feed

Especially developed for the breeding of cattle in the open air, Monte do Pasto rations are produced with high standards of safety, quality and efficiency that guarantee animal welfare and meat quality.

Formulas adapted to the needs of home growth phase with confirmed advantages


Rich in fibers, this formula was developed in order to reduce post-weaning stress and to reduce ruminal acidosis.


Composed of minerals, protein and a balance between fiber and energy, this formula has excellent advantages in improving the distribution of daily intakes and in preparing the rumen for fattening flour.


With a high energy content and a significant amount of proteins, this formula allows a better daily efficiency of the food and a higher concentration of microbial protein in the small intestine.

Effective formulas that guarantee balanced nutrition, greater well-being and high productivity

Lactating (2-4 months)

With an intake capacity of 1-2 kg / animal, Monte do Pasto Ration B-300 is a palatable and fibrous food.

Ruminant (4-6 months)

With an intake capacity of 2-4kg / animal, the B-301 and B-302 diets have an excellent balance between structural and non-structural carbohydrates (starch and celluloses) and a high pectin content.

Ruminant (> 6 months)

With an ingestion capacity of 4-15kg / animal, Ração B-351 has a significant concentration of slowly degrading starch. It also has a balance between ruminal nitrogen and fermentable organic matter and has a high energy content.

Tested and improved over the years, Monte do Pasto formulas guarantee high gains for producers. Discover the benefits you can derive from a more balanced diet.

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