Monte do Pasto is a national leader in the rearing and sale of cattle, with more than 35 years of experience in the sector. We pay special attention to the needs and requirements of our Clients. With offices in Portugal and Spain, we have the capacity to ensure regular supplies of high quality cattle throughout the year in Portugal and internationally. We have a commercial team prepared to accompany our Customers in all phases of the purchase and export process

Our livestock is raised at open air, in Alentejo plantations of Holm Oaks and Coark Oaks, which by its characteristics allows the development of healthier animals, high yield, nutritional quality and meat with the best visual characteristics, texture and flavour. Our management practices ensure consistent quality and animal welfare throughout the entire breeding process. All cattle are rigorously selected and developed in accordance with strict animal welfare protocols and fed mostly on natural pastures.

Good practices in cattle transportation

We guarantee that animals transport is compliant with the best animal welfare practices whether by sea or land, and we fully comply with the demanding Community legislation on the transport of live animals with a view to safeguarding their well-being and health. We carry out a strict technical and veterinary monitoring in each transport, verifying the necessary space per animal and the thermal conditions, as ventilation and feeding conditions.

In longer transport the diet to which the animals are used to is maintained and renewed twice a day, with automatic and permanent supply of treated water. There is also a daily supply of material so that the beds are permanently in the best condition, with a follow-up provided by a team specialized in cattle treatment, which assures all scheduled and unscheduled interventions related to hygiene and sanity. The conditions of transport are supervised by the Directorate General of Veterinary.



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