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THE ESSENCE OF PORTUGUESE GASTRONOMY – A culinary journey for Chefs around the World

The captivating essence of the authentic Portuguese Cuisine, a harmonious fusion of flavours, tradition, and innovation is now available for Food Service and Chefs around the world.

Portuguese cuisine is one of the most fascinating in Europe, featuring a wide variety of dishes influenced by various cultures. It is a fusion-born gastronomy that originated centuries ago, resulting in a distinctly Portuguese culinary experience.

Embracing simplicity and frugality, Portuguese cuisine allows ingredients to shine, showcasing their authentic textures and flavours.

Immerse yourself in a cuisine that evokes emotions, where every dish embodies Portugal’s boundless creativity, delighting the senses and fostering cherished memories around the table.

AUTENTICO FOODS proudly sources the wonders of this extraordinary cuisine.

PREMIUM PRODUCTS sourced from the best suppliers

UNIQUE TASTE that makes every recipe extra delicious

ULTRAFROZEN TECHNOLOGY: to preserve all natural quality, nutrients and reduce food waste

GUARANTEED EUROPEAN QUALITY and food safety standards

A range of meats from Alentejo that embodies an ecological and vibrant ecosystem

  • The “Montado” is the Portuguese name for a Cork Oak Forest.  It is one of the richest ecosystems in the world and Portugal boasts the largest area with 34% of the world’s “Montado” landscape.
  • This unpolluted ecosystem is a world biodiversity hotspot, home to a high level of species like the Bonelli’s eagle, the Iberian Imperial eagle, along with badgers, weasels, foxes, wild boars and the Iberian lynx.
  • The “Montado” is also known for its plant biodiversity, with aromatic herbs like lavender, thyme and rosemary, as well as several types of wild fungi.
  • This is why the “Montado” has the capacity to produce sustainable high-quality meats with a very unique pure taste!

Discover the extraordinary allure of Portuguese beef, crafted with unwavering dedication and nurtured by the revered Montado Alentejano. Immerse your palate in the succulence and rich tapestry of flavours that unfold with each tender bite and let each recipe pay homage to the rich traditions and sustainable practices of this extraordinary region.

The secret of tastier, healthier and tender beef:

  • a perfect blend of European beef breeds: Angus, Limousine and Charolais
  • open air grain fed breeding
  • raised in Alentejo natural stress-free environment
  • best practices in animal care.

Primal Cuts

Unearth the timeless connection between Iberico Pork and the majestic Montado Alentejano.

Step into a realm where the noble Iberian breed thrives as a steward of nature, playing a vital role in the preservation of this enchanting environment. With each succulent recipe crafted from this remarkable pork meat, a symphony of flavours unfolds, a celebration of the harmonious dance between nature’s bounty and culinary mastery awakening our senses.

The secret of tastier, healthier and tender Iberico Pork:

  • certified 50% Duroc | 50% Black Pork
  • open air grain fed breeding
  • raised in Alentejo natural stress-free environment
  • best practices in animal care

Primal Cuts

Allow the legacy of exceptional Portuguese Lamb to shine through, infusing your creations with remarkable taste. Delve into the world of this tender and succulent meat, with a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Let your palate roam through the scenic pastures of Portugal, where each recipe becomes a canvas of culinary delight.

The secret of tastier, healthier and tender lamb:

  • traditional Alentejo’ lamb breeds
  • open air grain fed breeding
  • raised in Alentejo natural stress-free environment
  • best practices in animal care

Primal Cuts

A range of Portuguese seafoods – the best in the world

  • Portugal is well known, worldwide, for the quality of its fish!
  • With about 500 miles of Atlantic coast, Portuguese fishermen can find more than 200 different kinds of fish in the coastal shoals.  
  • The high quality of the fish caught in Portuguese waters are directly correlated to the existence of favourable conditions, such as: temperature, light, salinity and oxygen that trigger phytoplankton blooms that provide highly rich nutrients for fish.
  • In addition, there is the wisdom of fishermen who, over generations, preserved  artisanal fleets, in a sustainable cycle, and gentle ways of catching fish that allows it to keep its freshness and superior taste.
  • This is why so many world Chefs endorse our sea foods.  Even Superstar chef Ferran Adria says seafood from Portugal’s Atlantic waters is the world’s best – and he’s Spanish.

Uncover the untold secrets of culinary perfection hidden within the depths of the Atlantic cold waters. Indulge in the captivating textures and delicate nuances that Portuguese fish bestows upon your creations, infusing them with an unparalleled taste of the sea. Let the wonders of Portuguese fish transport you to a realm of gastronomic bliss, where culinary excellence and coastal enchantment intertwine.

The secret of tastier and healthier seafoods:

  • from Atlantic waters and best aquaculture fisheries
  • a variety of fish from pelagic to thick fish to cephalopod to seafoods that best fits each international market
  • certified quality production systems
  • best sustainability practices


A range of “PETISCOS” – the tastiest small plates of Portugal  

“Petiscos” are designed to be ordered all at once and together comprise a full meal, more like a Mediterranean mezze platter.

Most dishes are smaller portions of what might otherwise be ordered as entrees, giving diners the chance to sample the best of Portuguese cuisine in small bites while still filling up. In turn, they’re served in restaurants and “tascas”, or homestyle eateries, rather than bars, and are meant to encourage family-style dining.

“Salgados” are a special Petiscos category.  Salty and deep-fried using fish or meat. Delicious great snacks that accompany drinks, make a quick lunch, a street food or dinner.

Experience the delightful tradition of Petiscos, where every shared plate becomes a catalyst for genuine connection and embodies the heartwarming spirit of Portuguese conviviality.

Uncover the art of savouring the small moments, where each bite becomes a gateway to a world of taste sensations. Experience firsthand the mindful approach that the Portuguese take towards their culinary heritage, cherishing and enjoying every ingredient to its fullest potential.

The secret of tastier Portuguese “Petiscos” (snacks):

  • traditional recipes that won the test of time
  • made with best ingredients
  • high food quality and safety standards


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