Our Certifications

We focus on animal breeding models that reinforce the sustainability of natural ecosystems, protect nature and animals, and provide a higher quality of life for future generations.

Monte do Pasto Group follows strict Quality Operational Protocols, certified by external entities, and develops projects in partnership with leading universities to continuously improve their sustainability and animal welfare practices, as well as the quality of their True Born meat.

The certifications obtained are the result of the experience accumulated over the years of rearing of open-air cattle in Montado Alentejano, and the implementation of international best practices.

They also represent our commitment to a sustainable future in the national agricultural sector, Montado Alentejano and the new generations.



Certifications that are our commitment to the protection of nature

Our agri-environmental certifications validate the efficiency of our mode of production, its sustainability, the protection of the environment and biodiversity, respect for animals and the appreciation of the quality of our products.



Integrated production is an agricultural system for the production of agricultural products and quality foodstuffs, based on good agricultural practices, with rational management of natural resources and favoring the use of natural regulation mechanisms in place of production factors, thus contributing , for sustainable agriculture.

In integrated production, it is essential to preserve and improve soil fertility and biodiversity, and to observe ethical and social criteria.

This certification attests that the Monte do Pasto farms respect the following principles:

– Holistic approach to the whole farm.

– Ecosystem regulation, importance of animal welfare and preservation of natural resources.

– Promotion of biodiversity, which is the pillar of ecosystem stability, natural regulation mechanisms and landscape quality.

– Balance of nutritional cycles, and losses must be minimized.

– Regular updating of knowledge on integrated production;

– Understanding of the quality of agricultural products as based on ecological parameters, as well as external and internal quality criteria;

– Minimization of some of the secondary effects resulting from agricultural activities.

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Certified by: CERTIS

Note: Sociedade Agro-Pecuária da Papoila Lda, Sociedade Agro-Pecuária do Girassol Lda., and Sociedade Agro-Pecuária do Junquilho Lda., belonging to the Monte do Pasto Group, practice cattle farming in an Extensive Regime, applying the practices defined in Integrated Production Mode, duly certified by Certis.


Low Carbon Livestock

This certification means that the practices adopted on agricultural farms of the Monte do Pasto Group are responsible, sustainable and contribute to carbon sequestration.  That is, the balance between the carbon emitted and the sequestered is neutral.

The certification scheme is based on the methodology used by the Portuguese Environment Agency (EPA) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in carrying out their reports. It also uses the methodology of the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF) to calculate the carbon storage of forest species.

The calculation of the carbon balance for each exploration is done considering the limits of this as a border, that is, only what occurs within the holding in terms of emissions and sequestration is counted. Similarly, everything inside the farm is taken into account for this calculation, such as the carbon storage that is done by trees and pasture.

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Certified by: AGRICERT

Note:The Agricultural Society of Poppy Lda, the Monte do Pasto II Agricultural House, the Herdade do Chouriço Sociedade Agropecuária Lda, the Agricultural Society of Junquilho Lda., and the Agricultural Society of Girassol Lda, belonging to the Monte do Pasto Group meet the requirements defined in The Low Carbon Livestock, duly certified by Agricert.


Certifications that are our commitment to animal care and welfare

Our integrated rearing system ensures 360° control of all stages of our animals’ growth. A highly qualified team of animal husbandry specialists, and animal care and welfare, ensures that all our animals are treated with respect at every step of the process.



This animal welfare certification is approved by irta (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology) in collaboration with NEIKER (Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development) and is the result of rigorous assessment and monitoring of the way our outdoor cattle are reared in accordance with animal welfare best practices defined by Welfare Quality and® AWIN WELFAIR Certification.

The certification is awarded based on the direct observation of the animals, through the evaluation of 4 principles: Good nutrition, Good Accommodation, Good Health and Appropriate Behavior. It also ensures that there is strict application of a set of standardised and consensual measures at European level, which ensure animal welfare.

It reinforces our commitment to respect and provide the best care for animals from birth to slaughter, providing more ethical animal products, and also our focus on continuous improvement of good animal welfare and sustainability practices.

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Certified by: CERTIS

Note: This certification was awarded to Monte do Pasto Lda., in the context of the cattle fattening activity developed at the Herdade de Monte Ruivo (farm brand WH24B) and Herdade do Trolho (farm mark WJ93B).



This certification means that, in the extensive creation of the Monte do Pasto Group, animal welfare achieves the highest rating: 3 stars. That is, animals raised outdoors live their lives freely and naturally.

Created by the Dutch Animal Protection Society (DUTCH SPA) it is based on scientific criteria defined by the EFSA Scientific Panel on Animal Healthand Animal Welfare.

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Certified by: KiWA

Note: Casa Agrícola Monte do Pasto II, S.A. (exploration brands WJ05B, WJ06B and WH64C) company of grupo Monte do Pasto, complies with the requirements of blk certification.


Certifications that are our commitment to quality and continuous improvement

ISO 9001-2015

Monte do Pasto Lda., a company of the Monte do Pasto Group, has successfully completed its certification process under the NP ISO 9001:2015 standard, an international reference for the Certification of Quality Management Systems.

With the achievement of this certification, Monte do Pasto was able to ensure the implementation of a principle of continuous improvement, associated with its internal processes, from Recria to the Sale of Live Animals and Frozen Meat, being closer to meeting all the needs, particularities and expectations of its customers, as well as improving the overall performance of its organization and all those involved in it.

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Certified by: SGS


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